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Equipment: Auto Index Milling SM-1
Equipment Type: Size Reduction Equipment -> Others
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Main Features: * Heavy TABLE with Oil Reservoir, Wide oil BAsin & Tool CAse. * COOLANT Pump with Drive. * Std. Plunge CAM. * MAchine LAMP * Oil GUN. * TOGGLE type CENTRE attachment. * Built in AUTO SWITCH to start/stop Auto Cycle. * Modern Electrical PANEL for Full Safety & Control in steel Cabinet, with all Electricals. * Std. set fo gear for FEED.
Description: It is very versatile and sturdy machine for DIMOND Industries and AUTOMOBLIE Industries. This machine is useful for SLITTING of various COLLETS and DIES for TOP AND BOTTOM for DIAMOND CUTTIMG and Spline cutting for Automobile industries. Most of cast and steel parts are manufactured from suitable ALLOYS, Hardened, HEat treated, Ground and lapped for guaranteed durability and accuracy. our Machine is of international standard for quality and performance.
Recipient: Mr. Umeshbhai Gajjar Company: QUA-TECH INDUSTRIES
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